Potions and Princesses

imageThe girls and I have had a few disagreements lately about paint use. I tend to have craft materials all with free access so that they can get creative as and when the mood strikes. However the last few times they have got the poster paint out there has been an awful lot of squeezing out of paint and mixing them, and very little actual painting. I don’t like to see waste so I was finding it really hard to step back and let them loose, despite knowing that it is just another way of using the materials rather than the wrong way. I did eventually put the brakes on a bit, temporarily removing the paint, but I decided that if squeezing and mixing was what they were into just now we’d do just that.


So today started with a bit of potion making before breakfast. I had filled up various squeezy bottles with all kinds of different liquids: oil, washing up liquid, vinegar, milk, ketchup, coloured water and so on. Add to this were some mystery powders (sugar & bicarb) and an assortment of whisks, pipettes, syringes and spoons. After lots of pouring, mixing and, of course squeezing, the girls had made some fabulous potions. Some foaming, some bubbly and even some with multiple layers. Apparently they had very different functions, ranging from a happy potion to one which would make you jump like a frog. Hopefully they have had their fill of squeezing for now and we can get back to using the paints to paint!

imageAfter potion making we ventured into Durham and headed for the Cathedral for a Magna Carta Make and Take session. Georgina’s eyes lit up at the array of jewels waiting to be stuck on crowns, and Elizabeth enjoyed using the quill pens again. Do you know what the special knife that was used to cut the quills was called… a pen-knife. So obvious when you think of it but it had honestly never occurred to me! The girls also made shields and we tried our hand at making tempura paint with egg yolk and powder paint. It actually makes a lovely paint with a shiny finish which I think we will make again at home some time.


I think we all enjoyed visiting the Cathedral, our third this year. And we couldn’t leave without adding a brick each to the lego model of the Cathedral. It is an amazing feat, the detail is astonishing. So far it has 172,000 bricks and they still have quite a lot to add. Then it was back home for my two tired Princesses, but we will definitely be back for another visit soon.




4 thoughts on “Potions and Princesses

  1. Liz says:

    Lovely post, we enjoy potion making too, and being princesses! I loved the pen knife comment – I learned something new 🙂

    1. Vicki says:

      Thank you Liz! Sorry it took a time to reply but your comment was in the spam folder and I only just noticed… sorry! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know about penknives!

  2. Super fun, and your children are just adorable.

    I did, at one time, have the crafting supplies out for my daughter. I really should do that again, because she was asking me about her scrapbook the other day. There’s really no reason to stop her. The scrapbook could capture “her” exactly where she is at age 8. So, thanks for the reminder, Vicki. 🙂

    1. Vicki says:

      We are lucky enough to have moved to a house which allows for craft stuff to be accessible all the time. It is lovely to see what they come up with when left to their own creative thoughts! I keep meaning to do a post on how we organise the craft stuff, will have to do one soon.

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