Losing my locks and a lesson learned

1440068456664I am not one to intentionally stand out from the crowd. I am an introvert and prefer to watch from the side-lines unless I am with a group of people I am really comfortable with. I am more comfortable blending in than attracting the small talk of strangers. Just ask a mum of twins, the owner of a Great Dane or a vintage car driver how many times a day people stop them for a quick chat. We recently made a choice for our family which deviates from what the majority of families do d makes us stand out a bit, we have begun to educate our children at home. It has raised a few eyebrows amongst family and friends but so far I have avoided the questions and small talk of strangers. When out and about during term-time I have found smiling and nodding in response to queries such as ‘No school today?’ does the trick. It is not that I am ashamed of our choice by any means, I just want to get on my way. So, you would think that my appearance would be pretty mainstream. The mumsy look doesn’t really attract much attention after all. You would be right, at least up until this past weekend, when I shaved all my hair off!  Read more