Who am I blogging for?

I am having a bit of an identity crisis on my blog. I have joined a blogging challenge with the plan of blogging for 30 consecutive days. I saw it as a good way to focus on building my blog as well as learning new skills from professionals. But because I am posting my daily musings straight on to their Facebook page it is making me overthink my audience. I am thinking about appealing to a wider audience when really all I wanted to do was to have a record of my family’s home education and maybe share some general thoughts about HE. Who did I imagine would be reading it? Well, my mum for a start. Then possibly some family members and some friends who live further afield but who are interested to see what myself and the girls have been up to. I hope that there might at some point be a few readers from the HE world, who like to see what others in a similar position are up to. And then of course it might be nice for my children to read when they are older.

I know some people can make a bit of money from blogging via ads and sponsorship etc, but is that my aim? I’m just not really sure. And if I did want to use it to earn a bit of pocket money, how would that affect the content? Would I need to be more controversial, or more original, write less about the day to day stuff and more about the politics or philosophies behind HE? I had planned a totally different post for today, the second part to yesterday’s Challenges post. But I’m not sure that it fits with what this blog should be about. It’s not even about HE, more like a journal entry of my personal thoughts.

I think all this has resulted from today’s blogging topic of Post Outlines. Talk of setting out arguments, presenting research or evidence, having a call to action and so on have set me off on a tangent that I don’t think I would ever have travelled along if left to my own devices. It has got me writing about subjects that feel a bit off topic, and that I’m not sure that my current (very small audience) would be all that interested in. So, to continue with the challenge or not? Which blogging direction to head in? If you have humoured me this far through the post, I’d appreciate any thoughts!

7 thoughts on “Who am I blogging for?

  1. Kate says:

    Keep blogging! Glennon Melton has made an incredible audience in just writing about her life. You can encourage others who choose to follow you. Plus. It’s a record for your beautiful children. Maybe define your audience and your voice and then, go for it!

    1. Vicki says:

      Thank you for the encouragement Kate! I’m going to stop trying too hard and making it over-complicated and just carry on talking about what we are up to as a family…

  2. If I didn’t know better I’d think I’d written this!! I joined the challenge for he same reasons but don’t sell anything so have not got a business blog so much of what I’m learning might not fit my blog. I’m still trying to work out my niche & ideal reader. Would be lovely to earn s but of pocket money but not sure who I’m trying to appeal to to pay me! Good to meet you! I have an education persona too do interested in your home ed approach.

    1. Vicki says:

      So sorry Julia, your comment was in the spam folder and I’d not checked it :-0. I is hard to be authentic yet still appeal to an audience other than close family… lots of work to do yet but I am still enjoying it (most of the time!) Going to pop over and have a little read of you page!

    2. Vicki says:

      🙁 the link isn’t working, did you type the correct address? http://www.juliadplace.org.uk?

  3. You do you, Vicki! Continue your original content and write for your original audience. You also need to read Sacha Blessed’s post today at visualizeauthenticity.com or find it in our FB group. She outlines perfectly how we can all be here being us. And BTW, I like your “voice”.

    1. Vicki says:

      Will go and take a look Jennifer, thank you! I think I will stop worrying too much about who is reading!

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