Challenges part 1

1440270804897Today is day 4 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge and believe me, it’s not easy going. It is certainly not helped by the fact that my lovely hubby has run off to Edinburgh with the laptop and I’m having to type out days 3-5 on my aging Kindle which has an unpredictable and frankly almost supernatural glitch in its delete key.

I do like a challenge though, and this one is opening up parts of my brain that had retreated in resigned good humour under the onslaught of hormones, sleep deprivation and mind numbing tedium that inevitably accompany the first 6 years of parenting. To think of something to write about every day is tricky enough, but then add to that the actual writing, photo-editing, proof-reading (in case my mum reads it) and publishing… Plus the forefinger exhaustion caused by typing on a 7″ screen… Add into the mix a 4 and 6 year old and a very loveable, but decidedly needy Cockapoo and you’ll forgive me for a little bit of cheating with this blog of two halves.

Whether willingly, as in the case of this one, or inadvertently we are constantly being challenged by what life throws at us. Challenges come and go. Sometimes we rise to them, and sometimes we are trampled beneath their hooves, but they make us the individuals that we are. What challenges are you and your family facing right now? What have been the challenges that have defined you or changed the course of your life path? Tomorrow I will share some of my own challenges, good and bad. But for now the delete button can claim a victory.


3 thoughts on “Challenges part 1

  1. Kate says:

    Excellent! Persevere!

  2. No worries. I think you get extra challenge points for having to post from a Kindle. Mine is the same way, but that’s because the screen is cracked in multiple places due to the dogs dragging the charger cord, pulling the Kindle off the table outside and it bouncing around on the cement. *sheesh*

    My biggest trouble right now is cooking. I’m not comfortable in the kitchen. Of course, it doesn’t help that our numerous cats and dogs circle around the stove like vultures, waiting either for me to drop something or turn my back.

    Oh, I just joined up with the 30 Day challenge, so I guess tomorrow is my first ‘official day’.

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