Challenges always result in learning

1440447781788I’m still here blogging, this is the 6th consecutive day of my blogging challenge… woo hoo! It has certainly been a challenge so far but after yesterday’s wobble I’m going to stop over-thinking things and just write what’s on my mind or what we’ve been up to.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what a challenge actually is. There are many things in life that can change you as a person. Some things, such as bereavement or traumas can completely de-rail us, and often we are very different people after. But such life altering events, for me, are not challenges. We have no control over them and are swept along on a tide of emotion. We are not making choices. There are no end results we are trying to achieve other than to stay afloat.

I consider a challenge to be something we actively choose to do. We decide to change something in our life for the better and take steps to reach that goal. We have the choice to move forward or leave it behind. When we take up a challenge we can not help but learn something. Whether it be a new skill or something about ourselves, we learn just by taking the baton and running. We might find that it’s not for us, we learn that it is OK to change our mind or move onto something that we enjoy more. Or we may learn perserverence, or find a new interest or direction in life. But learning will happen.

There are one off challenges. For example I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge despite being petrified of heights. I learned that mind over matter is possible for me. Or I shaved my head for charity despite being someone who doesn’t like to stand out. I learned that actually it is OK to stand out sometimes.

I must say, I do like a new challenge. I quite like signing up to something that pushes me out of my comfort zone, or helps me focus more intently on an interest. The internet is full of challenges that ask us to commit to something for a set length of time. Get fit, slim down, meditate more, learn to knit, improve your relationship, the list is endless. In fact if you think of something that you have an interest in and google it plus the word ‘challenge’, I’m pretty sure you’ll find one that promises to make you better at it in a week, a month or 365 days. After all, that’s how you find me here typing another blog post on a Monday night after a long day… I said I liked a challenge.

So, other than blogging, what am I interested in? What other challenges am I taking part in, consciously or not? I would say my number one interest right now is being as good a parent as I can be. This is what I am continually working on, some days it’s a struggle and on others I feel like we are doing alright. Parenting is not something that you can easily just drop out of when you are finding it tough. There are so many small challenges, and they just keep coming. A friend of my mum’s always likened having children to having a piano, they need re-tuning every 3 months. But I think in the challenge of rearing little people we are the pianos, we need to retune every 3 months to keep up with them! But with every challenge I am learning, and boy is a steep learning curve. Maybe I could do with a Be a Perfect Parent in 30 Days Challenge, let me just go and google it…

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