London calling

imageWe have just returned from a week away as a family, the first weekend of which we spent in London. Martin and I have both lived in London for a good few years and have very fond memories of ‘the big smoke’. Elizabeth has been once before with her dad but she was only 2 so really doesn’t remember much about it, while Georgina has never been. I haven’t been for a visit since before both girls were born so had, for a while, had a longing to feel the hustle and bustle of the Capital. Read more

Lego love


This weekend has had a bit of a theme… LEGO. Martin and the girls spent most of yesterday creating. Well, Martin did lots of creating of intricate lunar buggies and fabulous flying machines which the girls then played with, much to their father’s disgust (apparently LEGO creations are for looking at on a shelf!) However, it must have inspired them because they were both in full creative mode this morning, with all sorts of models being built before they had even had breakfast. Read more

Potions and Princesses

imageThe girls and I have had a few disagreements lately about paint use. I tend to have craft materials all with free access so that they can get creative as and when the mood strikes. However the last few times they have got the poster paint out there has been an awful lot of squeezing out of paint and mixing them, and very little actual painting. I don’t like to see waste so I was finding it really hard to step back and let them loose, despite knowing that it is just another way of using the materials rather than the wrong way. I did eventually put the brakes on a bit, temporarily removing the paint, but I decided that if squeezing and mixing was what they were into just now we’d do just that. Read more