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imageWe are a family of four with two little women (born 2009 and 2011). The girls were born in Scotland but we decided to move down to the North East of England in 2015. Both my husband’s and my family are based in East Anglia so we have headed as close to them as my husband’s job would allow.  For our children, seeing cousins, aunts and uncles twice a year was just not enough; they were missing out on so many opportunities to share special times with people they love and who love them. Now we can be down the road in about 5 hours and we can get back for special events such as birthdays, or just because we feel the need of a bit of family time. We made the decision to home educate after our eldest had been in school for a couple of terms. She didn’t hate school, but getting her in each day was a struggle and there was a lot about it which she found very stressful. She is hugely competitive by nature and was already putting herself under pressure to ‘be the best’. We felt that, at 5 years old, this was totally unnecessary and so we decided to give the girls a few more years of just being themselves. By learning at home they do not need to be ‘the clever one’, ‘the sporty one’, ‘the one who has to have support in…’ and so on. They just get to be who they are. This has been a step into the unknown for me, despite having taught and worked in schools for 10 years. We initially planned to give it a year and see how we get on. I thought it would be nice to have a record of what will probably be an interesting year for our family. If nothing else it will be something that the girls can read when they are older and they may understand why their parents decided to uproot them from their place of birth, home, school and friends. I also hope this blog will be a way for us to share our journey with family and friends. Home education can seem like an unusual, sometimes scary, sometimes crazy choice to make. Hopefully I can explain why we have chosen this path and show people why it is the right thing for our girls at this point in their lives.

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