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This weekend has had a bit of a theme… LEGO. Martin and the girls spent most of yesterday creating. Well, Martin did lots of creating of intricate lunar buggies and fabulous flying machines which the girls then played with, much to their father’s disgust (apparently LEGO creations are for looking at on a shelf!) However, it must have inspired them because they were both in full creative mode this morning, with all sorts of models being built before they had even had breakfast.

imageFor Elizabeth, creations need to be functional, whereas Georgina loves the figures and animals. One of their favourite sets has been the  LEGO Juniors Pony Farm. Today saw the building of various forms of horse transportation and luscious pony fields. But we were feeling a bit limited by our current brick collection so we decided on a visit to the Metrocentre LEGO shop, I’m not sure which of us is the most excited about being within driving distance of such a place!

imageThe girls were in awe of some of the huge models they had on display and I think their Christmas lists doubled in the space of half an hour. I particularly loved the pick and mix figures. You got to choose their heads, hat/hair, top, bottom and accessory. We came home with 6 new, very different and pretty cool little friends; plus a pot of new bricks and some freebies too.

I am so glad that the girls are getting the LEGO bug. It is a passion they will be able to share with their dad – he has already said that next time he is at his mum’s he’s going to find his old LEGO collection and bring it back. But LEGO is also such a great toy. It helps develop so many skills. There is a lovely article written by a home educated young man entitled Playing with Legos is More Valuable than Learning Algebra. It is well worth a read if you are ever concerned at how much time your children spend playing with those little plastic bricks.

4 thoughts on “Lego love

  1. We love Legos very much in this house, too. How do you keep them all contained?

    1. Vicki says:

      I have seen so many lego sorting systems which I have drooled over but they rely on people actually putting things back in the correct spaces! So we always end up resorting to a big box which gets tipped out onto a blanket for better viewing then they can be easily poured back into the box at the end of a session.

  2. Liz says:

    We love lego. I am lucky to have picked up a lot of second hand lego but that shop sounds amazing.

    1. Vicki says:

      We have quite a bit from charity shops and ebay too. I think we might need a family visit to LEGOLAND soon though!

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