My favourite blogs/websites

I get a lot of inspiration from home education and parenting blogs/websites. When you choose to do things a little differently it can feel a bit isolating but with all the¬†Facebook groups and blogs out there now, I can feel like I’m part of a wider community. These are a few of my favourites:

  • – Home/Unschoolong family with four girls living in Australia
  • – Free range learning, creative living etc
  • – Parenting and home educating website and blog by long term British home educator and author
  • – Not HE, but inspirational website by Jean Van’t Hul, writer and children’s art enabler
  • – Australian homeschool, parenting and educational kids activities blog
  • – Blog by mother of 4 home educated girls, has a science focus
  • – An Australian unschooling family, aspiring to minimalism and zero waste
  • For all things Unschooling
  • – Blog by a more structured British homeschooling family
  • – Amercian unschooling blog