The January Blues

January is a funny old month. After the whirlwind of Christmas I feel the need for simplicity. I am usually happy to pack away the decorations; to gather toys and clothes to donate to charity, making space for the gifts we have received; and to clear out the high salt and sugar snacks that have surrounded us for the past month. I am a big planner, I love to dream up projects for myself, and January is the perfect month to do this. The new, fresh year stretches out ahead like a fresh notebook, full of possibilities. I have plans, many plans. The mind is certainly willing, there is a frenzy of activity in my brain. Unfortunately that is where the energy remains. My body has an entirely different agenda. Right now I think it wants to hibernate, maybe until March. Read more

The Lego, the Witch and the Wardrobe

I have really enjoyed passing on a little bit of Narnia-love to the girls in the past couple of weeks. I loved The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as a child but I have to admit that I was almost more excited by the movie as an adult. It is definitely one of my favourite film adaptations and has such a magical feel. So upon finishing the book we just had to watch the film. What I hadn’t expected was the full-on Lego version of the story which played out on the coffee table during the movie. Here are some highlights…


As you can see, it was an epic battle between good and evil, but good (with a bit of help from some giant My-Little-Ponies) won in the end. Long live Queen Susan, Queen Lucy, King Edmund and King Peter!

No, it doesn’t look like school

imageWe have been having the most glorious autumn weather this week. Cloudless skies, warm sunshine and not even a puff of wind. The slight chill in the air adds to the loveliness in my opinion, I just love this time of year. We have been making the most of it with much of the week being spent outdoors in one way or another. After a day of horseriding and park visiting today I had a comment from a nearest-and-dearest along the lines of ‘yes, but what academic work have you done?’ It was a slightly tongue-in-cheek remark but it got me thinking.

I am so used now to seeing the learning in pretty much everything that the girls do that I forget what it is like to expect home education to look like school at home. But it just doesn’t. And it doesn’t really need to. Read more

London calling

imageWe have just returned from a week away as a family, the first weekend of which we spent in London. Martin and I have both lived in London for a good few years and have very fond memories of ‘the big smoke’. Elizabeth has been once before with her dad but she was only 2 so really doesn’t remember much about it, while Georgina has never been. I haven’t been for a visit since before both girls were born so had, for a while, had a longing to feel the hustle and bustle of the Capital. Read more